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Scaling Git at Microsoft

“A couple of years ago, Microsoft made the decision to begin a multi-year investment in revitalizing our engineering system across the company.”

Brian Harry discusses a single git repo with six million files.

So, fast forward to today. It works! We have all the code from 40+ Windows Source Depot servers in a single Git repo hosted on VS Team Services – and it’s very usable. You can enlist in a few minutes and do all your normal Git operations in seconds. And, for all intents and purposes, it’s transparent. It’s just Git. Your devs keep working the way they work, using the tools they use. Your builds just work.

As a side effect, this approach also has some very nice characteristics for large binary files. It doesn’t extend Git with a new mechanism like LFS does, no turds, etc. It allows you to treat large binary files like any other file but it only downloads the blobs you actually ever touch.

Scaling Git (and some back story)