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Time for Python 3

In watching Pycon 2016 vidoes and other reading, I’ve been struck with the notion that it’s actually time to move to Python 3. More than once in the sessions I’ve heard a comment like “We’ll be using Python 3. If you haven’t moved to Python 3 yet, what’s stopping you?”

Good question. There’s the issue of some libraries not supporting Python 3 but, in my humble beginnings, I haven’t run into any yet.

Strings and UTF-8 are by far the stickiest set of issues I’ve encountered, but it’s usually just a case of fixing them. And really I’ve only tried converting one old program. For new programs I’m more and more starting them right off in Python 3.

However, it’s really recommended that you write code that runs in both. That takes a bit more effort and is a little more tricky.

Stay tuned. I’ll maybe update on that part next.