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Rebuilding the HP-11 Series

Michael Steinmann of Swiss Micros is building new, little, fully-functioning HP-11 series, and other, HP calculators.

Peruse Michael’s site and you won’t find carbon copies of the HP-12C. Instead, you’ll discover a range of miniaturised versions – hardware emulations no less – of the most popular models in that early generation of HP calculators, all powered by a low-power LPC1115 ARM processor.

I never owned the HP-11C though I have a nifty emulator on my iPhone. I had owned the HP-25 and 29C before its time and later the HP-41CV and the HP-48S. I definitely wanted one of the little sideways 11C’s though.

The rebirth of the HP-12C: How one man reimagined a calculator from 1981 by Steve Cassidy on Alphr.