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Poor Performance of Javascript on Android

In a posted discussion Jeff Atwood claims that, “For several years now we’ve tracked the fact that, over time from 2012 onward, Android JavaScript performance has become wildly divergent from iOS JavaScript performance. And not in a good way.”

He says:

This is the benchmark most representative of Discourse performance, and the absolute best known Android score for this benchmark is right at ~400ms on a Samsung Galaxy S6. That doesn’t seem too bad until you compare..

iPhone 5 → 340ms
iPhone 5s → 175ms
iPhone 6 → 140ms
iPad Air 2 → 120ms
iPhone 6s → 60-70ms

In a nutshell, the fastest known Android device available today — and there are millions of Android devices much slower than that out there — performs 5× slower than a new iPhone 6s, and a little worse than a 2012 era iPhone 5 in Ember. How depressing.

The State of JavaScript on Android in 2015 is… poor