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IOS Reliable Updates

There are two key reasons that I’m overjoyed to have made the switch from Android to IOS and the iPhone.

One is the reliability of OS updates. There’s no worrying about pure-Google vs. vendor-imposed-UI and junk apps. There’s no waiting for a vendor to either roll out an update or, more likely, just force you to buy a new phone or wait for your cycle to end to get a new phone.

The IOS updates are (so far) annual, universal and hassle free. And by hassel free I’m referring to the above issues. It’s granted there have been hiccups and bugs, but usually they are resolved in a reasonable time. I try to be cautious and wait for a minor update or to before diving in. Thus, I skipped 8.0 and waited for 8.1.

The other joy is from the pictures the iPhones make. There are Android phones with better camera specs on paper, and yet, the photos are often just not up to par. My Galaxy Nexus made images that ranged from okay to terrible. When I go back and look at them now, they look even worse than I realized. I know other people disagree but I’m firmly in the camp: There’s no contest here.

So, that makes two items removed from the list of things to have to deal with.