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Farewell Tom Magliozzi 1937-2014

Day 25

I don’t know when or how I first happened to hear the show Car Talk but I quickly became a huge fan. When I couldn’t listen to the show live, I got a subscription through Audible and would download MP3s of the show and burn them onto CDs to listen to.

Click and Clack were hilarious, their personalities were infectious, and their ability to diagnose car problems preceeded and exceeded Dr. House’s corresponding ability at playing the medical Sherlock Holmes.

Probably like most listeners, it was a while before I learned that they were actually both MIT graduates, Tom had a Ph.D., and that they both played Bluegrass music.

I haven’t been a listener for a few years but I’ve always remained a fan.

This is one of my favorite videos. Martin Guitar presents Click and Clack with a special Car Talk edition guitar. Then they perform.

Martin Guitar Presentation


From the Car Talk Blog
Wall Street Journal