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Google's New Gmail Inbox

Day 13

Google is now making available to all users, albeit by invitation only for now, Inbox, it’s new Gmail app.

I’ve barely seen it but initially I’m a bit skeptical. There’s a focus on automatically bundling your email for you and managing todo lists. I already manage my email with a strong and extensive set of filters and I manage todo lists and things like that via my implementation of David Allen’s GTD. So I’m probably not an intended user.

It will probably look compelling. One thing I do like are email-like systems where the messages look more like short messages in a chat session rather than email. When I think about this as a good idea and then look back at Gmail, it really already goes a long way in that direction. The messages in a conversation are nicely minimal.

Inbox also seems to have a little floating circle, in this case a red dot. This little floating circle, that is both highly annoying and in the way as far as I’m concerned, seems to be a popular gimmick lately. Witness the little chat circle in Facebook’s mobile apps.

I’m being highly critical of software I’ve never even seen, so I may be wrong about Inbox. I do like the idea of an even nicer and somehow simpler email application but I want full control over what’s happening. And I don’t need a new Gmail. It’s actually nearly perfect already. I fear that ongoing attempts to move it forward will begin to degrade what I like about Gmail.

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