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Twelve Years

Day 4

“Occasional reports on what in the world I’m doing. You can read here to find out what I’ve been working on and how it’s going. There might be clues about what I’m thinking. New things learned will also appear.”

I’m really not going to make all of these posts about blogging, I promise. However, I thought I should note this blog is now in it’s 12th year. I always miss the anniversary but it was this past month. The first post was on Mon 2002-09-16 00:29 -0400.

In the beginning the posts were nearly all work-related reports on what I was working on. Then I began to include other topics I found interesting such as astronomy and computing.

The first posts were written on Blogger, then still owned by Pyra Labs, co-founded by Ev Williams who later was a co-founder of Twitter. Google eventually bought Blogger. I wrote the posts on Blogger but used it’s ftp publishing feature to push the generated pages back to my desktop workstation, Monolith.

Monolith had an Apache web server running on it, upgraded from the original NCSA HTTP server software at some point. The computer had originally been a NeXTstation then later it’s soul had been migrated to a Sun SPARC 5 workstation. By this time, when the blog began in 2002, I think it might have been upgraded to a Sun Ultra 5 but I don’t recall the models and timeline precisely.

From Blogger, I migrated to Bloxom, then back to Blogger, fully hosted at Blogspot, then recently to Octopress. The pre-Octopress blog is still on-line.

Nine Years Ago
Ten Years of Blogging

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