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Spell Checking With Gmail

Day 3

I’m not going to make all of these posts about blogging but, while still on the subject, here’s a simple blogging tip. I use Gmail for spell checking.

The fact is that I do this just about any time I need good spell checking. Ironically, Google documents’ spell checking is lacking so I even use this approach for them. (At least that used to be the case).

First, open a new message in a Compose window but don’t add any recipients. After all, you don’t want to accidentally send your text to someone. Next, just past the text, say a whole document into the window and check. As you find misspelled words, go back and edit the original. When finished, just click the trash can icon in the compose window to discard the message.

For anyone who points out that Gmail spell checking isn’t perfect either, yeah, I know. It’s been the best I’ve found over the years, though.