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iPhone After Eight Months

It’s now been eight months since I switched to the iPhone in October 2012. The honeymoon is over and I’ve been chewing on the green grass for a while. I can say I’m just as happy and pleased with the the 5C as I was when it was new, maybe even more.

It does everything I need or want it to do. I have a nice set of apps I use daily, a simulation and a game here or there, and generally I can find just about anything I need in an app and it all works fine.

I’m still using the Gmail and the Google Maps apps for email, maps and navigation. Amazon cloud player was just updated and is still my primary music player. Netflix works fine but I typically use the Youtube app for watching videos.

Apple’s iMessage works great for texting with images and video with the rest of the family and we all have iPhones at this point.

The camera continues to make great pictures, as expected.

Here are some of the most recent apps of significance I’ve added. Loom was bought by Dropbox who introduced an app called Carousel, so I’m not using it to automatically upload and archive photos. Carousel is nice as an app but there doesn’t seem to be a correspondingly nice web interface other then a plain Dropbox folder with a lot of image files in it.

I’m not a fan of Facebook. In fact I don’t like it much at all. However, I have to say that Paper is nicely done, beautiful in some ways, but a little quirky sometimes. I like it many times better than the regular Facebook interface because it’s fun to use, but I ignore the news feed and those other screens.

I’ve become interested in trains lately and Trainz Driver is a fun simulator.

If you compare the current image of my home screen here to the image I posted back in October 2012, you can see that it hasn’t changed much. That’s screen one and I only use three screens of apps that are about ½ to 2/3 full.

Image: my current iPhone screen one.